Laconic design

Here in Ohhio we keep our shapes and patterns as simple as possible. Because true design doesn`t need decorations.

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Stay warm and stylish

Natural merino wool keeps you warm while extraordinary design attracts attention to you.

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Sleep better

Natural merino wool benefits help to retreat from stresses and fall asleep easily.

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Meet the unique appearance

Once you saw it you will never forget it. Unique design and handmade techniques are combined in Ohhio products.

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Our mission consists in creating unique, innovative and honest things for better life

Ohhio is a design vision company, which brings design closer to people. We look at the world through the prism of simplicity and sensuality and make things that embody our philosophy.

Our Features

Design addicted

Design comes first. We are constantly looking for new solutions to create truly outstanding products.


It’s all about the quality and sensuality. We create all our products by hand to make them really special.


We think that it’s better to shake the world together with likeminded artists.

Our Team

Skeins Master
No one knows Ohhio production so well as it knows Ohhio production director Sasha. She organizes the whole production process and conducts quality checking. I found my place in the world here, she said. Sasha likes ironic jokes. So do we. Sometimes.
Creative Leader
Anna is design and inspirational core of Ohhio, aka it's founder. "I like to create simple and honest things which bring something new to this world"
The cold mind
Pavel is Ohhio tactician and ratio. He systematizes things in the right order and directs team in the right place. And he does it really fast! Maybe the secret is that he is engaged in car racing?
Customers` guardian angel
Julia is our punctual customer service supporter (she replied to you already, just check it). Versatile and outgoing personality: loves reading, felting wool, joking, and making pleasant surprises. She always sends Hello! to everyone.
Princess of Arts
Illustration and graphic design are her everything as well as a heartwarming smile and a positive attitude.

Behind the stitches


Press about us