How to Arm Knit an Ohhio Blanket

January 17, 2017

Hey, crafters! First, a bit of news: Ohhio Braid is back! After a ton of messages from people who were a bit late to the Kickstarter party, we've moved the campaign to Indiegogo, and we're going to continue taking pledges for our new line of chunky knits. To celebrate Braid's return, we thought we'd do an expanded version of our arm knitting tutorial. Here it is, in full animated glory.  In this tutorial, we'll be showing you how to make a medium-sized blanket (50'' x...

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How to Care for Your Chunky Merino Wool Blanket

December 28, 2016

Here's a question we get all the time: how do I care for my merino wool blanket? Like all blankets, they need to be cleaned periodically, but unlike other blankets, a cycle in the washing machine won't do for Ohhio’s super chunky merino blankets. The fine wool we use is very delicate, and you'll need to keep a few simple rules in mind when using it. Don't worry though: the little bit of maintenance an Ohhio blanket made from merino wool requires is worth all that chunky goodness retaining its pristine look and cloud-like softness for years to come.  Handle it gently Since Ohhio's woolen blankets are...

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Introducing Ohhio Braid

November 08, 2016

Our Kickstarter is live! Click here to visit our campaign's page, and back Ohhio Braid.   We are proud to announce the latest innovation from the Ohhio lab. It's soft, it's chunky, and it's machine-washable. Introducing Ohhio Braid.  What is Braid? Braid is a soft material that creates a chunky knit in any form.  The idea to create something like Braid came to us when we realized just how many messages we were getting from people who either wanted to start arm knitting, but found the merino wool difficult to work with, or those who couldn't work with merino...

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Why Merino Wool is So Cool?

September 14, 2016

Top 5 unique merino properties, which help create our chunky blankets and scarves so temptingly gorgeous. Giant knitted blankets and scarves are made of merino wool top. This wool feels really warm and soft against the skin, is hypoallergenic, silky and last but really not least – eco-friendly. It’s widely used in the production of sportswear and even premium undies. But that’s not the point why merino wool became the “It” thing in giant knitting. Natural scales Merino wool differs by very long and fine staples, which perfectly weave together with the help of its natural scales. This property helps...

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Meet the chunky trend

August 17, 2016

As the days turn cooler (and they will, that’s for sure), chunky blankets made from merino wool become the main trend of the upcoming autumn season once again. Crafted knits from Ohhio have already paved their way in the hearts of lots of folks around the world and this year doesn’t look like an exception. Simply because coziness will never go out of fashion. So why not indulge in style? The story of this Read more

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