How to Arm Knit an Ohhio Blanket

January 17, 2017

Hey, crafters! First, a bit of news: Ohhio Braid is back! After a ton of messages from people who were a bit late to the Kickstarter party, we've moved the campaign to Indiegogo, and we're going to continue taking pledges for our new line of chunky knits. To celebrate Braid's return, we thought we'd do an expanded version of our arm knitting tutorial. Here it is, in full animated glory. 

In this tutorial, we'll be showing you how to make a medium-sized blanket (50'' x 60''). We're also including all the measurements you need to make a small (30'' x 50'') or a large blanket (60'' x 80''). 

Step One: Measure Your Braid

The first step is measuring your material. To make a medium blanket, you need to measure out four pieces about the length of your arm span. Three for a small, and five for a large. 

Step Two: Cast On

Your first move is a knot that separates the Braid you're going to be using for your arm knit blanket, and the shorter end the you'll be weaving into the corner once you're done. 

Cast on 16 stitches for arm knitting a medium blanket. 11 for a small, and 22 for a large. 

Step Three: Make the First Row 

The hardest part is over! Now, one by one, take each stitch that you have on your arm, and weave Braid into it, creating another stitch in the process. Put the stitch on your free arm, and make your way through the stitches you've already cast on. 

Step Four: Make the Second Row

Repeat the process, but in the opposite direction: take a stitch, pull Braid through it, and put the resulting new stitch on your arm. Remember that they all have to face the same direction, unless you want an uneven blanket. 

Step Five: Repeat

This is the fun part. Repeat the first and second rows until you have a full blanket. For a medium throw, you'll need 31 rows; 25 for a small and 41 for a large. 

Step Six: Cast Off

Once you've reached the desirable length, it's time to finish. Here's how you cast off: remove two of the stitches you have on your arm, and pull Braid through both of them, creating a new stitch. Add to it another stitch that you took off your arm, and so on until all you have is a piece of Braid. Create one last loop with it, and tie it into a knot. 

Step Seven: Weave in the Ends

You're going to have two loose pieces of Braid left over on opposing sides of the blanket you just finished. Weave them into a corner and along the side of the blanket. 

That's it! You can enjoy your arm knit blanket. Congrats, and remember to wash your Braid in cold water. 

If you're still feeling a bit lost, check out the video tutorial on our YouTube channel!